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4,378 JPY

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About shipping cost

  • Navy x Gray(YB-DS-P-NV)

  • Blue x Turquoise(YB-DS-P-BL)

  • Black x Brown(YB-DS-P-BK)

  • Gray x Moss green (YB-DS-P2-GR)

  • Black(YB-DS-P3-BK)

  • Purple x Navy (YB-DS-P4-PU)

  • Beige x Terracotta (YB-DS-P4-TE)

**** 日本語の商品ページは、下記URLにアクセスをお願いいたします。 (*Only Japanese) **** **Please be sure to read this before placing an order.** For more information about each color → You can also check each color at . For detailed product descriptions. → (Youboku Tokyo official website"Japanese Only.") ▼Product Specifications of Day's Pouch Size: 17 cm (length) x 19 cm (width) x 8.5 cm (thickness) Weight: approx. 170g Ash blue and wine red: approx. 200g Purple/Navy: approx. 160g Beige / Terracotta: approx. 176g Tuff/Silver: approx. 190g (*Please note that due to the sewn nature of these products, there may be slight differences between individual items.) 9 pockets(large and small). Main material: PE (polyester fiber) Tough Silver is made of nylon fiber. This product is a Gamakuchi Pouch(a pouch with a clasp), so it has a wire frame. Opening and closing specifications: Double zipper Made in China. (*This brand are conceived, produced, developed, and sell in Japan. Only the manufacturing of the products will be handled by the factory in China, which is currently outsourced to us.) Manufacturer's suggested retail price in Japan : 3,980 JPY (excluding tax) 4,378 JPY (including tax) *Please note the following The color of the product may look different from the actual product depending on the monitor environment. This product is a pouch only. This product is a sewn product, so there may be individual differences in size and appearance. This product is not guaranteed to provide complete protection from shocks and scratches.We are not responsible for any damage, malfunction, loss of data, or loss of equipment, etc. Please be careful when storing valuables and equipment. If the product gets wet, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth and dry it before use. Please note that leaving the product wet due to sweat or water may cause the color to shift or mold to form. This product is not waterproof or drip-proof. Please be careful not to carry the product with only the zipper (puller) in your hand, or to try to close the zipper by forcefully pulling it, or to use the product with an extremely large number of items packed in it, as this may cause damage to the product. Please note that the design (color, etc.) and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note that this product cannot be used as a shoulder pouch.